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Natural & Handmade Incense

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Organic & Handmade Incense

Our incense are definitely the most amazing incense you can find anywhere. They are pure organic- no chemicals whatsoever added. Each stick is made by hand with a lot of love and special energy. These very unique incense will cleanse your space energy and expand your mind.
Our special incense selection: Bholenat ('good life' in Hindi)- Sweet and spiritual. Lotus flower- a unique scent of the lotus flower. Gentle sweetness and a floral touch. Natural- a natural scent that is perfect all day round. Beautiful for quiet moments. Lavender- Real Lavender scent, fresh like flowers. Passion- Sweet and lively. Sandalwood- Sweet and grounding sandalwood incense. Perfect and addictive for sandalwood lovers. Nag Champa- The real, pure Nag champa. Spiritual- Airy scent that is great for cleansing and meditating. Thin incense- 10 sticks per package. Thick incense- 8 sticks per package.

Customer Reviews

Trully unique and life enhancing Review by Vichka
When you think of all the "little pleasures" of life, Miss Tea incense are definitely one of the things that come to mind. I am definitely an incense connoisseur and have tried many different kinds over the years, and honestly Miss Tea completely blows me away. It's my new addiction :-)
The smells are pretty intense, but they are not overwhelming...they are purely pleasure inducing...and because of their intensity, you don't need to burn the whole stick all at once...you can do a little bit and leave some for later, so they will last you awhile. Very happy to know they are sold online too, as I was afraid I would run out and will have no way of getting them again. (Posted on 12/25/11)