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Born and raised in a village in Israel, surrounded by nature and running around barefoot on the grass, the most natural and intuitive way for us to relax has always been tea. Throughout our world travels, even in the most desolate of places, we always found our way back home with a hot cup of tea.

 For us, tea begins as a labor of love, with our parents growing herbs in the garden, touching and smelling the leaves, picking the best ones to infuse in a hot cup. That’s tea. Home grown and fresh, only the best for our bodies. Today it’s called organic tea, but for us it’s a way of life. That’s where Miss Tea came from.

New York is such an intensive and dynamic city, forcing you to stay in motion just to keep your balance. We wanted to step back and reminisce on the one thing that, for us, symbolizes serenity. We chose to go back to our roots, to our garden, and share with this amazing city something Mediterranean, from our home, from us.

Out of a profound belief in the power of tea and herbal infusions, we have created for you a full relaxation experience. Miss Tea offers loose leaf organic teas and unique infusions that come from all over the world. We pack them in clear glass jars, visible and accessible, the way we believe tea should be served. Coming from the ground, comforting the body, relaxing the mind. 

We invite to join our community and take a daily moment to treat you.


Organically yours,

Revital & Mor